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“I wanted to give a HUGE THANKS to you and your team with for all the help with the ******. We got a lot of compliments on them and your ability to quick turn them is priceless. I know I don’t say it enough but I really appreciate your help and work on these types of projects!!”
Joshua, Davenport, IA - Business

"Oh my gosh. Literally just took my breath away! I will proof through and work on getting the rendering to you. But wow – at first glance I am so impressed. No surprise there, though. Thanks, Metta! :)"
Brandy, Bettendorf, IA - Business

"Thank You so much! You are Awesome!!"
Brittany, Bettendorf, IA - Business

"Good job! You guys always come through for us. Thank you so much!"
Sherry, Davenport, IA - Business

"Thanks so much for the Quick turn around. I love working with you guys!!!"
Josh, Davenport, IA - Business

"Thank you Metta! You've been so wonderful to work with :0)"
Lori, Moline, IL - Business

"I have received the mailer you dropped off. They are SWEEEEEEET! Nice job."
Dave, Bettendorf, IA - Business

"Duane, Thanks to you folks for the wonderful job & support. "
Bill, Rock Island, IL - Business

"Thank you for being so honest!"
Patti, Moline, IL - Business

"The banners look awesome, thank you so much!"
Anne, Davenport, IA - Business

"Thanks Duane. The brochures looked great. Thank you for your excellent service."
Kris, Moline, IL - Business

"Everything looked awesome; your people do outstanding work."
Bruce, East Moline, IL - Business

"Just wanted to thank you for getting this order to us so quickly! I really appreciate it!"
Dana, Davenport, IA - Business

"Thanks, you and your staff make things easy."
Carole, Moline, IL - Business

"I will pass along your great service to Tom."
Lyle, Davenport, IA - Business

"I'm Impressed Metta!"

"Thank you SO much for your attention to this! You're the best!"
Jessica, Davenport, IA - Business

"LOVE the postcards!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!"
Jessica, Davenport, IA - Business

"Got the notepads this afternoon - they look great! Thank you for all your help on this, I look forward to working with Dimensional Graphics again in the future."
Jason, Moline, IL - Business

"We LOVED the mailer. What fantastic work you do!!"
Jackie, DeWitt, IA - Business

"PERFECT! You guys are so good to us ;)"
Kinsey, Davenport, IA - Business

"You guys have been great to use, I can't thank you enough. I trust your judgment."
Norma, Moline, IL - Business

"I never did say thanks, Metta, but THANK YOU! These turned out beautifully this year! See you in 11 months!"
Jim, Davenport, IA - Business

"Great, thanks. You guys have been so helpful through all the craziness - I really appreciate it!"
Kelli, Davenport, IA - Business

"Thank you for the great job you did! I have gotten many positive comments on it. I really appreciate all your extra care. Much continued success in your business!"

"We would like to thank Kris for her company connection for this to happen and to Michele for her fabulous design and her time."
Roxanne, Moline, IL

"Thank you so much! I forwarded your e-mail to Tim, also. I can't tell you how much we appreciate all that you are doing! Thank you!"
Patricia, Davenport, IA - Business

"Everything looks Fantastic! Thank you!"
Krista, Davenport , IA - Business

"Just got the txt link brochure. BRAVO!! They made me look very good and the boss is pleased."
Kat, Moline, IL - Business

"Thanks for all of your work towards making these cards special. All of you do awesome work!"
Tim, Lafayette, LA - Business

"BTW.. The DR booklets were perfect. Once again, great job."
Kathy, Moline, IL - Business

"Thank you for a great job on our stationary. It has been a pleasure doing business and we will not only recommend you to others, but keep your information on record for future business. Thanks Again!!"
CK, Rock Island, IL - Business

"We have received a number of compliments! On two occasions, I have shared your contact information. I thank you for your patience, Duane and look forward to a continued business relationship."
Rosalyn, Chicago, IL - Business

"Gracia, Merci and any other way you can think of saying Thank you for turning around the invite job so quickly. I really appreciate it and you did great work."
Jill, Davenport, IA - Business

"They look Terrific Metta. Thanks very much!!! Please pass on my appreciation to Duane also! Nice work!"
Jim, Davenport, IA - Business

"Great.... it looks GREAT! Thanks for all your work and I look forward to doing more with you in the future!"
Kimberly, Davenport, IA - Business

"Thanks for your team's hard work with the brochure. I know it wasn't a big job for you guys, but it was an important piece for us to finally make reality. As always Duane I enjoy working with you and your staff and hope to continue that relationship!"
Julie, Omaha, NE - Business

"When I contacted Dimensional Graphics the first time, I was not sure how to go about conveying what I needed but they helped me through the process in a warm and friendly manner. The final products are polished and professional. I have returned to Dimensional Graphics for other services and have been very happy with their work."
Dawn, Davenport, IA - Business

"We have received the placement letterhead and it looks great! Thank you for resolving the problem with our order quickly and professionally. I appreciate it."
Sara, Davenport, IA - Business

"I love the great service I get from your company. I appreciate your quick response."
Jackie, DeWitt, IA - Business

"You are absolutely wonderful - thank you very much. P.S. Metta is just as wonderful!"
Jane, Bettendorf, IA - Business

"I very much appreciate that you all stop in to see how our stock is, the staff here forgets to mention things are getting low and it is nice that you seem to stop by when I have about a box left in storage. Thank you for keeping tabs on me!"
Cassie, Davenport, IA - Business